Print ‘Hello World’


In the days and weeks ahead, we hope to outline why we believe the application of a computational and complexity informed approach to legal studies will serve as a useful method to consider a wide class of substantive questions.  Standing at the intersection of a variety of fields including computer science, applied mathematics, physics, political science, social network analysis as well as others, we hope scholars will be able to leverage relevant techniques to help enrich positive legal theory.

As a entry point, we will highlight relevant developments to date in this new field–including our own work as well as the work of others.   So we offer this initial post to say ‘Hello World’ with a promise of more to come….

Computational Legal Studies

Welcome to the Computational Legal Studies blog!  We will be organizing behind the scenes in the short term, but check back soon for original content on the computational study of law and the application of complexity theory to legal scholarship.  In the meantime… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!