IBM Watson on Jeopardy – Scoreboard: Watson 2, Humans 0 [via CNN]

Update: For his thoughts on possible implications in the market for legal services, check out Larry Ribstein’s post “Lawyer’s in Jeopardy” over at Truth on the Market. In a related vein, check out today’s WSJ Is Your Job an Endangered Species? The subtitle reads: “Technology is eating jobs—and not just obvious ones like toll takers and phone operators. Lawyers and doctors are at risk as well.”

Academic Universe: University Instruction from Some of the World’s Top Scholars

I have been a huge fan of Academic Earth for quite some time. For those not familiar with the page, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite material from the site. Academic Earth features full length video for a number of useful/interesting courses. If you simply are interested in absorbing the content, it is a great way to learn. It is arguably better than site such as MIT Opencourseware as it has the full video (MIT Opencourseware often just has lecture notes).