Predictive Coding and E-Discovery in 2015 and Beyond – Presentation from LegalTechNYC 2013

Who's Eating Big Law's Lunch – ABA Journal Cover Story October 2013

Very happy to see 2013 MSU Law Grad – Joe Kelly included as part of the story.  Also, good to see a number of friends (Ray, Lois, Kevin, Joanna, Oliver, etc.) featured in the article. Entrepreneurship is about doing the obvious before it is obvious to others.  Everybody in the story is doing just this!

Thoughts on Legal Prediction and Legal Metrics – Association of Corporate Counsel / Huron Consulting Meeting for Corporate Law Department Operations

Global Patent Map Reveals the Structure of Technological Progress (via MIT Technology Review)

PatentMapThis is topic of great interest for a number of reasons.  Mike, Jon and I have several papers in this basic direction (with hopefully more coming soon). Probably the most relevant of our paper is “Distance Measures for Dynamic Citation Networks” which we published in Physica A back in late-2010. For those who might be interested – a copy of our paper (with James H. Fowler) is available on SSRN and on ArXiv.