Data Mining Exposes Problems for Massive Open Online Courses (via ArXiv / MIT TechReview)


Obviously there are serious issues with MOOCs but it would be a mistake to believe that version first is the same as version last … but the problems are real … interesting to see how folks innovate to solve these existing shortcomings …

Andy Ninh – Augmented Reality and On-Demand Legal Services (via )

In the months to come, I will be featuring some of my students who are participating in my law, technology and/or entrepreneurship courses here at MSU Law (access the course list here) — Many of my students are doing interesting and exciting things and so I thought I would take some time to highlight them! For more information about these students or my courses – please feel free to contact me

Andy Ninh is a 3L at Michigan State University College of Law. “He’s a geek, future attorney & entrepreneur, Google Glass explorer, nutrition and exercise junkie, martial artist, and tech enthusiast.”

Check Out His Personal Website Here (See Below).

andy ninh

Quantitative Methods for Lawyers Course – Fall 2013 – Professor Daniel Martin Katz

Finishing up the Fall 2013 Quantitative Methods for Lawyers Course on Friday — Legal Analytics (taught by Michael J.Bommarito II  &  Daniel Martin Katz) – is the follow up course — offered in Winter 2014.