Daniel Katz — Jones Day Visiting Professor of Law at Singapore Management University

It took 2+ years but I finally made it to Singapore for my official visit as the Jones Day Visiting Professor of Law at Singapore Management University! It has been an amazing first full week here. Thanks to everyone at SMU for hosting me and welcoming me — Yihan Goh, Jerrold Soh, How Khang Lim, Wei Zhang, Alvin See, Maartje de Visser, Man Yip, Meng Weng Wong and many others !

Legal NLP — Breaking the Legal Language Barrier ? Short Lex Talk at Future Law – Stanford CodeX Center for Legal Informatics

Here are Slides from our talk —

LegalNLP – Breaking the Legal Language Barrier ? Short Presentation at Stanford CodeX 2022 Future Law Conference

Featured Paper —
Ilias Chalkidis, Abhik Jana, Dirk Hartung, Michael Bommarito, Ion Androutsopoulos, Daniel Martin Katz & Nikolaos Aletras, LexGLUE: A Benchmark Dataset for Legal Language Understanding in English, In Proceedings of the 60th Annual Meeting of the ACL – Association for Computational Linguistics (2022 Forthcoming)

arXiv Version – https://arxiv.org/abs/2110.00976

We would welcome your contributions and feedback regarding adding additional tasks!

LexGLUE Paper Accepted at ACL 2022 Main Conference in Dublin

Our LexGLUE paper was Accepted in the ACL Main Conference.

Happy to continue to push forward with further updates to the project in the months and years to come. As an academic and technical field, we need to continue to marry general NLP techniques to the intrinsic Complexity of Legal Language — obviously we still have great distance to cover but we are moving in the right direction !

PrePrint Version v.3 on arXiv – https://arxiv.org/abs/2110.00976
ACL 2022 🇮🇪https://www.2022.aclweb.org/

Computational Legal Studies – Our Journey and Our Thoughts Circa 2022 (Presentation at the Singapore Management University Computational Legal Studies Conference)

Last night — I presented a joint presentation with Michael Bommarito at the Computational Legal Studies Conference at Singapore Management University.  Our Presentation was entitled “Computational Legal Studies – Our Journey and Our Thoughts Circa 2022” 

It has been an exciting journey from creating a blog called Computational Legal Studies to seeing a high quality conference featuring this name.  

Congrats to the Jerrold Soh and all of the Organizers at the SMU Yong Pung How School of Law and Centre for Computational Law — it is a great collection of presentations and technical papers !  Access the full agenda here.

The “Pioneers and Pathfinders” Podcast – with Steve Poor (Chair Emeritus – Seyfarth)

I recently sat down for a wide ranging discussion with Steve Poor (Chair Emeritus at Seyfarth).

Seyfarth has been one of the most supportive large law firms for Chicago-Kent College of Law (including helping lead the instruction in our Legal Project Management and Process Improvement Course and also hiring our students in many roles across the firm).

So it was my great pleasure to participate in the “Pioneers and Pathfinders” Podcast !

Artificial Lawyer TV – The LIBOR Transition with Clifford Chance

It was great to sit down and spend time with Richard Tromans (Artificial Lawyer) and Anthony Vigneron (Clifford Chance) to discuss our work on the LIBOR Transition challenge.  

From world class legal expertise, to a leading data science / legal innovation team – Clifford Chance is one of the true market leaders! It was great to collaborate on bringing our AI / NLP toolkit and data science expertise to this complex problem space.

Many of my current and former Elevate / LexPredict colleagues contributed to the effort including — Eric DettermanMichael BommaritoRobert SancrainteCharlie BeckAndy NinhWarren E. AginBeth LambdinKelly MarshAndrew ParsonsJulian Cagadas and many others.   

Congrats to Anthony VigneronCarissa Schiller and the broader team at Clifford Chance who led this Award Winning Project ( The Lawyer European Awards 2021 )

Go here to access Artificial Lawyer TV Video !

For broader information on LIBOR and the associated transitional issues — please see this LIBOR Transition White Paper.

Our ‘Frontiers in Physics’ Special Issue – ‘The Physics of the Law’ is Now Complete — 14 Papers Published and 48 Authors Contributing

Here is the Link to the Physics of Law Collection in Frontiers in Physics!