R Boot Camp – Part 1 in Quantitative Methods for Lawyers (Professor Daniel Martin Katz)

Today we start our R Boot Camp in Quantitative Methods for Lawyers.

It should be fun! ūüôā

In total, there will be three set of slides in this multi-day bootcamp designed to introduce students to the logic of R, the basic roadblocks such as loading data and cleaning data, loading various R packages, running basic commands, shifting out of default command settings, plotting data, conducting statistical tests, etc. Later in the course we will use R for regression analysis, etc.

For anyone who might be interested, the Full Course Page including all slidedecks is located here. For help on the installation of R and the RStudio IDE please check out my Loading R/RStudio Bonus Module.

Leica M Review (M as in Milestone)

The new Leica M is the most innovative and versatile M, which has spawned the modern M system. It combines decades of experience with the rangefinder system with cutting-edge digital technology: It has a newly developed, high-resolution CMOS full frame sensor that achieves together with its high-performance processor and the legendary M lenses outstanding image results. With live view, video and new additional focusing methods, it is the M, for all who want to give up anything that modern camera technology offers.

With live view, video and new additional focusing methods, it is the M, for all who want to give up anything that modern camera technology offers.

It has a newly developed, high-resolution CMOS full frame sensor that achieves together with its high-performance processor and the legendary M lenses outstanding image results.

Splash-proof camera housing

Based on the experience of our engineers in the construction of the new Leica M camera bodies is uncompromisingly designed for maximum stability and strength. Your deck and its floor covers are milled from blocks of brass. Your all-metal housing is closed and consists of a high-strength magnesium alloy.

Splash-proof camera body – htt://leica-camera.com

All new features of the Leica M at a glance

Together with the new sensor, the Leica Maestro processor ensures that the vision of the Leica M sets new standards in terms of speed. At top speed he prepares for the coming from the sensor image data and generates image files.Even complex calculations he performs at extremely high speed. Thanks to the energy-saving processor and the electronic image sensor convinced the new lithium-ion battery (1800 mAh) Leica M with a particularly long term.

  1. Maximum picture quality through newly developed LEICA MAX CMOS sensor
  2. New applications with electronic viewfinder and Live View
  3. Simple, high precision focusing with Live View Focus and Focus Peaking
  4. Fully digital format for Leica R lenses, the Leica R Adapter M
  5. Extended sensitivity range up to ISO 6400

As we increasingly move past the point of sufficiency, manufacturers will continue to try filling ever-smaller niches. It becomes more about something you like/ want to use more than something you need. Is there room for one in your arsenal? Only you can answer that.

Running Of The Bulls Festival

A fighting bull stands alone surrounded by a crowd of runners on the second day of the San Fermin Running Of The Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain (photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez). Four people have been injured so far in the nine day festival that takes over the whole town.

The idea for the event came to Rob Dickens and his business partner as they were looking for ways to expand their 20-employee Boston business beyond its Rugged Maniac obstacle course, a five-kilometer run-slide-climb-slip-stumble-swim trek that has expanded to 20 markets nationwide.

We wanted to do something unique that nobody else was doing

Since records began in 1924, 13 people have been killed during Pamplona’s bull run. Many of those who run are full of bravado (and/or drink), and have little idea of what they’re doing.

The Running of the Bulls

El Encierro, the running of the bulls from their corrals to the bullring for the afternoon bullfight, takes place in Pamplona, every morning during Sanfermines. Six bulls are let loose from the Coralillos de Santo Domingo to charge across the square of the same name (a good vantage point).

People on balconies watch runners Pedro Armestre/AFP
People on balconies watch runners – Pedro Armestre/AFP

Every year, the Festival of San Fermin, including the “Running of the Bulls”, attracts thousands of visitors to Pamplona, Spain. Lasting nine days, the festival kicks off with massive crowds at the Chupinazo in Pamplona town square, followed by a carnival, fireworks, the running of the bulls, and many bullfights. Held since 1591, San Fermin remains a popular, if also dangerous and controversial, event — dozens of people were injured this year.

The Big Picture

A fighting bull stands alone surrounded by a crowd of runners on the second day of the San Fermin Running Of The Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain (photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez). Four people have been injured so far in the nine day festival that takes over the whole town.

  1. A third rocket goes off when all the bulls have made it to the ring, and a final one when they have been rounded up in the stalls.
  2. They can become isolated from the herd and are then always dangerous.
  3. A very treacherous stretch comes towards the end, where Calle de la Estafeta slopes down into the final turn to Plaza de Toros.

The 2006 event passed without serious injury to any of the runners, but with even greater demands on the authorities, including 145 fire alarm call outs and four stray cats collected; no stray bulls reported. For dedicated Encierro news check out www.sanfermin.com

Jawbone Up Fitness Rubber Band Review

A review gallery post with full width featured image enabled. Anyone who bought one of Jawbone’s much-hyped Up fitness bands last year found themselves an unwitting participant in a beta test. The brand-new platform promised to get you up and exercising, help you sleep and eat better, and make you more stylish to boot ‚ÄĒ and we liked it. But there were some missing features, and some overly simple software for the device.

And then the Up started breaking. Weeks and months after being purchased, our review unit and many others simply stopped taking charges or turning on. Jawbone acknowledged the fault, offered its buyers a no-questions-asked refund (even if you just didn’t like the thing, you could return it), and went back to the drawing board.

Are you dealing in calories and carbohydrates, or points and badges?

I wear my watch almost everywhere, but I take it off when I sit at my laptop. It’s just uncomfortable having the band scratching and scraping around the palmrest, and it forces me to perch my arms awkwardly above the keyboard. That’s not a problem for my watch, which doesn’t need to be worn all the time, but I had to take off the Up as well because it caused the same problems.

Tracking your life

The Up tracks three things: activity, sleeping, and eating. The first is simple, requiring only that you wear the bracelet. Its engine turns the motion of your wrist into calories burned, steps walked, and active versus inactive time.

UP by Jawbone http://jawbone.com/up

The Up’s vibrating motor is used for two different alarm features, both of which I’ve come to love. When you’re sleeping at night, you can set your alarm, and the Up will rouse you up to 30 minutes before that time based on when you’re in lighter sleep and will wake up feeling better.


I’ve now lived with both the $99.99 Jawbone Up and $99.95 Fitbit Ultra fitness devices so you’re probably wondering which I would recommend? So am I, honestly.

The Street That Changed our Minds About Streets

Full width featured post generally considered the most beautiful post in the Caribbean, Cartagena in Colombia grew unimaginably wealthy as the port through which the looted gold of the new world sailed eastwards to Imperial Spain.

Turns out we have, with the likes of Sir Francis Drake (one man‚Äôs privateer is another man‚Äôs pirate) plundering the city as far back as 1586. In subsequent years, particularly those of the late 20th Century, Colombia was famous for other exports: mountains of pure cocaine, left-wing guerrilla ideology and “magic realism” from the pen of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Remember at all times that while you are seeing the world, the world will see you.

These childhood friends have overcome some serious setbacks ‚ÄĒ guitarist and vocalist Adam Haworth Stephens was in not one but two road accidents last year ‚ÄĒ so this new album‚Äôs a bit of a boon. With buddy Tyson Vogel, he certainly sounds glad to be alive on a boisterous folk-rock album that shows two mild-looking men can, like The Black Keys, make a hell of a noise.

The Bloom and The Blight
Two Gallants

Why now?

July sees concerts on the beaches and events in the bullring and yet more excuses to party thanks to the Summer Festival. Alternatively, the literary/arty Hay Festival Cartagena de Indias rolls into town each January. Wales or Colombia, Wales or Colombia?  The sound smacks of the KoL’s brand of macho melancholy, while Brown’s voice lends a rockabilly twang.

For all her extraordinary talent and work ethic, Bly‚Äôs appearance was decidedly unremarkable ‚ÄĒ a fact that shouldn‚Äôt matter, but one that would be repeatedly remarked upon by her critics and commentators, something we‚Äôve made sad little progress on in discussing women‚Äôs professional, intellectual, and creative merit more than a century later.

Delevingne Photoshoot We Love

Full width gallery post without sidebar. The other, more subdued Delevingne is most certainly a Woman We Love. None of the fireworks, all of the heat.¬†No wonder the fashion industry has been so dismayed by news that Poppy Delevingne has left these shores and headed Stateside to take up residence in Fergie’s New York pad

Besides being known for his work for the Storm modeling agency, it is followed by fashion blogs and lifestyle, as it has a very distinctive style, blending both the natural beauty of your garment over the season IN .

Selected for the 1932 campaign, where Chanel celebrates the 80th anniversary of its online Bijoux.

Educated at the liberal ¬£26,000-a-year Bedales School in Hampshire, she was talent-spotted by Storm model agency founder Sarah Doukas (who also ‘discovered’ Kate Moss at the age of 14), whose daughter was in the same class as Poppy’s sister.¬†Poppy did her first magazine shoots at 16, then, after A-levels and a gap year spent travelling, found herself the toast of the town.

Poppy Delevingne: Fashion’s it girl

The other, more subdued Delevingne is most certainly a Woman We Love. None of the fireworks, all of the heat.¬†No wonder the fashion industry has been so dismayed by news that Poppy Delevingne has left these shores and headed Stateside to take up residence in Fergie’s New York pad.

Fashion’s It Girl

Nowadays Pandora works in the private-shopping department of London retail emporium Selfridges. The fashion plate still has her wardrobe from the ’70s and ’80s, though it’s been kept under lock and key from her daughters since she noticed a few things missing.

This fun-loving British transplant is blooming on Manhattan’s party circuit.

Still, it’s clear where Delevingne inherited her nonchalant sense of style ‚ÄĒ the one that enables her to throw a leather bomber over a sundress for a polo match at Governors Island or swan without a second thought into a charity gala in a Chanel jumpsuit. Her style has also been influenced by a couple of years in New York. She’s updated her English-magpie ways, now cleverly mixing quirky bits and bobs with sleeker hard-edged pieces.

Silent by Admiral Tech

With a unique combination of technologies from traditional crafts and sstyle Princess, the new 98 Motor Yacht is a yacht for long range which requires his presence . His main deck includes a gantry front axle and a seating area , an alternative space for entertaining docked to the rear . For sports water, there is a swim platform electrohydraulic for the launch and recovery of a jet-ski, or simply for use as a swimming or dip.

Its interior is beautifully furnished and finished to the highest standard . Panoramic windows provide light and a wonderful panoramic setting. 

The large garage can accommodate a jet ski , which can be lifted using the crane flybridge . The flybridge can be specified with a hardtop with optional integrated roof opening that allows the crane to be row , freeing the aft deck space as additional furniture for freestanding. 

Distinctive Lines

The Princess 60 is a vessel that provides pleasure to the helmsman whose sleek lines hide a large amount of housing. It has three cabins with ensuite bathroom, a main deck and many wide open spaces to enjoy relaxation, conversation between friends or pleasure of the walk.


The main living area is beautifully designed and decorated, bright and airy thanks to large windows wrap through which the sun penetrates freely. The layout of the U-shaped sofa, coffee table and sofa opposite was chosen to invite the convivial meetings, a separate dining area is housed elsewhere.

  1.  Two sun beds are provided in addition to the spacious deck
  2. The aft cabin option, also with ensuite bathroom, has two berths for crew or visiting guests.
  3. Yacht designed and built with extreme attention

On the same deck there is the fully equipped kitchen, fridge / freezer and a large dishwasher, all of which can be separated from the living room by a sliding glass partition.

Yacht Specifications Overview

Model Azimut Princess (above) Princess
Year 2007 2003 2006
Engine 2 x 1360 hp 2 x 865 hp 2 x 500 hp
Cabins 3 4 2
Price $ 4.000 / day $ 3.800 / day $ 3.500 / day


Yacht designed and built with extreme attention, the Princess 60 combines exceptional resistance to sea water cruising opportunities and facilities to accommodate family and friends.

Marshall’s speaker has a retro feel

He is the rockers among mobile musicians: the Marshall Hanwell , a speaker in the style of famous guitar amplifiers, which is also known by the great stages of the world.

Smart phones, MP3 players, etc. are very down to earth connected only by jacks. No Bluetooth, no docking, no frills.The plugging the supplied cable with its gold-plated connectors into a headphone jack as well as very reminiscent of connecting an electric guitar.

The speaker’s sound is rich, clean, and endowed with Marshall’s characteristic electronic crunch.

The controls are reduced to the bare minimum. Only a toggle switch for dressing and stable knobs for volume and tone Рand which is sensational: Extremely clean highs, powerful bass, even if you turn right! And with its 100 watts of Hanwell is extremely loud. Since it is better to invite the neighbors equal to the party.

No frills

Stanmore¬†, the new speaker system, the manufacturer will fit perfectly into theMarshall family¬†one.¬†The vinyl casing, gold trim, Mashall logo and classic Boxenbespannstoff represent the typical vintage look: The ingredients from the Stanmore already a¬†rock’n’roll classics¬†to make.¬†Whether on tour or in everyday life, powerful sound and compatibility make the Stanmore into an optimal, so the manufacture.


The three typical, Marshall-style controls for volume, bass, treble and a switch to flip on and off the Stan Mores, located on the top of the unit. Through the included 3.5mm spiral cable, which has the appearance of a typical guitar cable, virtually any music source to the powered speakers can be connected.


The Stanmore features a classic Marshall design, with a vintage-looking front fret, gold-coloured metal details, and that iconic script logo. So it will never look out of place amid the rest of your Marshall collection.

Can be beyond even via Bluetooth with aptX technology or the two other connections ( RCA input / optical input ) connect directly to their sources.Thanks to the high quality components Stanmore intended to provide a detailed sound across the entire frequency range without sacrificing quality. The sound is punchy, without losing detail, and very clear and powerful to penetrate the entire spectrum from Stanmore.

Rush Trailer Everyone’s Driven by Something

Two-time Oscar winner Ron Howard takes the daunting task of covering the nearly decade-long rival between British Formula 1 racer James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Austria‚Äôs Niki Lauda‚Äôs (Daniel Br√ľhl) race to become world champions. From tracks in Italy to Japan, press rooms to extravagant parties, Hunt and Lauda risked death, fortune and fame in the 1970s and became international sensations in the process. With an undeniably effective immediacy, ‚ÄúRush‚ÄĚ is a solid, but rather cold, biopic about two equally detached personalities.

Rush has flown under the radar, delivering a visually exciting first preview seemingly out of nowhere.

Composer Hans Zimmer expectedly delivers a rousing singular theme that plays double-duty with solo cello highlighting the insular determination of both drivers before chug-a-lugging into full-on pounding race mode competing with squealing tires and booming PA announcements.

‚ÄúRush‚ÄĚ is not the epic drama is could have been, but it is certainly watchable and mostly enjoyable, but like an impeccably crafted Formula 1 race car, is fast, glistening with style but ultimately just a cold piece of polished metal.

The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 defines the sport auto Supertest towards an extrovert appearance and delivers what it promises optical.The sporting facilities are at its best, as it would naturally.

It’s like always and not everywhere the large, lofty promises, which gives a relationship maintenance and substance.¬†It is the small, endearing details that make up the key to lasting success.

But even if you’re Batman himself, you’ll have a hard time getting your hands on one of these mean machines.

And yet there are so lovable alien form like this, which will make your day Рand far on this side of each border region. To awaken the bull named 700-4 Lamborghini Aventador LP from St. Agatha to life, the driver is initially stopped to open a small red flap on the center tunnel.

Convinced sculpture of extreme dynamics

But quite as explosive and difficult to follow the following on the press of a button dramaturgy is then but fortunately not represent the red fuse cover is just a metaphor – not an obstacle.

700 hp and top-class racing technology

This does not mean that the new, re-named after a brave Spanish bull from the Spanish Corrida¬†Lamborghini¬†would not do justice to his job on the whole.¬†But let’s be honest: It will not be easy in everyday life, even beginning to discover the 700 hp driven and experienced made ‚Äč‚Äčof exceptionally high caliber racing technology sports talents.¬†Thus love but could cool quickly if not for anything else, which can fuel the passion in less exciting times.

Whether the investment Рin this case just under 330,000 euros Рcan be recorded as a worthwhile contribution to improving the quality of life, thus also depends on Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 from factors other than the ability to retrieve shoulder to shoulder with him the state of maximum efficiency . Including those in this Lambo is reached only at 350 km / h.

Everything has its price

When looking into the technology and equipped with all the luxury features pulpit of the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, to be thermodynamically and aerodynamically necessary accessory around it and on the Aggregate collection, the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 to achieve its ambitious required goals, one comes to the conclusion that the extra kilos are not entirely in vain incurred.

The Spectacular Simplicity of Gravity

Despite some rough patches in the script, Alfonso Cuaron’s film is a visual wonder.¬†This movie rips a ground from under our feet, in “Gravity” shine George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts mainly fighting for survival in space.¬†A simple story is captivating with magnificent pictures, 3-D sound effects for new and classic movie.

Early in the film, when Matt asks Ryan what she likes best about their space walk, she replies, “the silence.” The Cuarons would have been wise to supply a bit more of it.

When was it last at the end of the credits so quiet in the cinema?¬†Only the breathing sounds of the side people are heard, then breaks from somewhere a soft “wow” the spell.¬†It is as if the audience has to make sure only gently 90 minutes from the brilliant “Gravity“, to be truly arrived on the ground.

Sandra Bullock in ‘Gravity’

No sooner is the fatal message arrived, hurtling approach a huge swarm and debris hitting the shuttle. Stone and Kowalsky, connected by a lifeline to survive the collision and find themselves floating in space again.

The uncertainty of the universe

But this cold, clear moment where everything speaks of self-sacrifice, giving way to rote acquired automatisms, courageous ignorance about probabilities and defiant pragmatism: They like the last two people up here to be, but in leaving their train passing ruins of the civil space waiting might yet a return flight ticket.

Against time and any chance to go to Stone and Kowalsky on their very own Space Odyssey. A laborious and dangerous progress that holds Cuarón in beguiling, extremely long takes. In them catch the captivating beauty and existential horror of the cosmos, are not considered in the underground certainties.

Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

Few simple powered speakers for the PC has been around for a tenner.You do not have to spend much more to give his ears to hear something.¬†But who wants to treat his ears something, you have something to fall deeper into their pockets: From about 80 Euros you get even speaker structure, the “sound of something” that produce audible bass and which still makes listening to music for several hours of fun.

But what gets who spends a multiple thereof, are PC speaker is on the desk, which cost 400, 500 or even 800 euros? You pay all the money only an expensive name and chic design? Or is the difference really audible?

Even turned up they still sound clear and round, without distorting the complex construction pays off.

Since the first would be the Bose Computer Music Monitor, which acts initially tiny. Ridiculous 12.5 centimeters, each of the two boxes high, 6.5 inches wide. That for as little speaker after all supposed to pay about 400 euros, makes me skeptical. Good sound volume needs that everyone knows. And volume have these mini things that fit loosely in my hand, so just do not. As there should arise a useful sound?


Sound in stealth mode

This is not only the unusual design, that on closer examination can not guess where under the black fabric covering the speakers are hidden.That they are there, however, is perfectly audible in operation. Powerful bass are accompanied here by crisp highs. On the treble B & W is proud anyway. The tweeter is a special construction in which a resonance tube is connected directly to the sound generator. The result should be a particularly good separation of high and low frequencies.

Not so good playing the MM-21 in the central region on the other hand, the person something sounds too washed out.