Perils of Interdisciplinary Scholarship — Evading the Discipline Police?

Disciplinary Police

It is difficult to traverse the broad disciplinary landscape. We feel so fortunate to work with a community here at Michigan which is committed to resisting those who seek to restrict intellectual innovation–individuals we characterize as the disciplinary police. Since starting this blog, we have received several emails from legal, social and physical science scholars interested in intellectual exploration, intellectual diversity.  We appreciate their encouragement and will proudly continue to privilege “exploration over exploitation.”

In that vein, we wanted to offer some of our favorite recent papers drawn from a wide variety disciplines….


Gergely Palla, Albert-László Barabási & Tamás Vicsek, Quantifying Social Group EvolutionNature 446664-667 (5 April 2007)

John Mikhail, Universal Moral Grammar: Theory, Evidence, and the Future, 11 Trends in Cognitive Sciences 143 (2007)

Jenna Bednar & Scott Page, Can Game(s) Theory Explain Culture? (The Emergence of Cultural Behavior Within Multiple Games), Rationality and Society, 19: 65-97 (2007).

Riley Crane & Didier Sornette (2008) Robust Dynamic Classes Revealed by Measuring the Response Function of a Social SystemProc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 105: 15649-15653.

Frans de Waal, Kristen Leimgruber & Amanda Greenberg (2008). Giving is Self-Rewarding for MonkeysProc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 105: 13685-13689.

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