Bucerius Legal Tech Essentials 2021

SIGN UP FOR FREE — May 2021 — The 2021 Edition of Bucerius Legal Tech Essentials!  https://techsummer.law-school.de/ – When we introduced Bucerius Legal Tech Essentials in 2020, we were overwhelmed by how many great lecturers and students (5000+) decided to join us. Not only was it the one of largest LegalTech Programs ever created, it was also incredibly intense, fun and engaging. It should come as no surprise that we are going for a version 2.0 in 2021. The program’s core remains the same: a free online educational experience with many of the lecturers that would normally be on our campus!

So Again Sign Up For Free and More Information to Follow !

cc: Dirk Hartung Lauritz Gerlach

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