Family Tree of Languages Has Roots in Anatolia, Biologists Say {via NY Times}

(1) Kinda amazing – the NY Times decided to have the public chew on a dendrogram – pretty damn cool ūüôā

(2) Among other reasons, I also post this because this topic is of great import to the ungoing study of the origins of Western Civilization and Western Legal Thought.¬† In particular, this is part of an important active conversation in the legal academy community – (see e.g.¬† Rob Kar’s¬† paper¬† On the Origins of Western Law and Western Civilization (in the Indus Valley).¬† Also, check out – The Early Eastern Origins of Western Law and Western Civilization: New Arguments for a Changed Understanding of Our Earliest Legal and Cultural Origins – Part I, Part II and Part III. ¬† They are a real tour de force!

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