Computational Legal Studies – 2011 in Retrospective – Looking Forward to More in 2012 :)

Katz & Bommarito – Slides from Introductory Tutorial in Network Analysis and Law @ Jurix 2011 Meeting (University of Vienna – Faculty of Law)



Announcing the Beta Pre-Release of Legal Language < Search the History of ANY Phrase in the Decisions of the United States Supreme Court >




The 21st Century Law Practice London Summer Program – MSU College of Law – (In Partnership with University of Westminster)



The MIT School of Law: A Perspective on Legal Education in the 21st Century [Presentation Slides Version 1.02]




The Old Bailey Online –> Access 197,000 Trials — [ 1674 -1913 ]



Big Data: The Next Frontier for Innovation, Competition and Productivity [Via McKinsey Global Institute]






Dynamic Reconfiguration of Human Brain Networks during Learning [From PNAS]


The Electronic World Treaty Index [Our Post @ VoxPopuLII – Cornell LII]






Applying the Science of Similarity to Computer Forensics (with lots of other potential applications) [via Jesse Kornblum]



What is Computational Legal Studies? Katz Presentation @ University of Houston – Workshop on Law & Computation





Rock / Paper / Scissors – Man v. Machine (as t→∞ you are not likely to win) [via NY Times]




Robert Trivers: Mathematical Approaches to Problems in Evolutionary Social Theory




Modeling the Financial Crisis [ From Nature ]




IBM Watson on Jeopardy – Scoreboard: Watson 2, Humans 0 [via CNN]





Katz -ICPSR Summer Program 2011 – Full Course Slides for Computing for Complex Systems (20+ Classes)




Crime Maps: Interactive Exploration of Crime Stats [via The Guardian]




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