2 thoughts on “Cash for Clunkers Infographic [From Good]

  1. This is a beautiful and elegant visualization. Too bad it’s not very informative. It’s filled with distracting chartjunk (I kept trying to figure out what the red circles versus the blue ones meant beneath the cars), the most important data appears only in text (the mpg), and even the data it does try to convey is hard to read off (such as the various kinds of cross-hatching for manufacturer).

  2. In terms of environmental impact this is a huge win.

    It’s worth pointing out how hard this improvement will be to match. The 10 MPG increase from 16 to 26 MPG saves almost as much fuel the 10-fold increase in fuel efficiency from 26 to 260 MPG. In other words, to do this well again, we’d have to get everybody to trade in their new cars for Chevy Volts.

    (100k miles / 16 MPG) – (100k miles / 26 MPG) = 2404 gallons saved

    (100k miles / 26 MPG) – (100k miles / 260 MPG) = 3462 gallons

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