Health InfoScape [ via GE Data Visualization Lab ]

From the GE Page: “When you have heartburn, do you also feel nauseous? Or if you’re experiencing insomnia, do you tend to put on a few pounds, or more? By combing through 7.2 million of our electronic medical records, we have created a disease network to help illustrate relationships between various conditions and how common those connections are. Take a look by condition or condition category and gender to uncover interesting association.

About the Data: “The information used for this visualization is based on 7.2 million patient records from GE’s proprietary database, and represents some of the conditions that commonly affect Americans today. By investigating how different ailments are related, one may gain various insights about condition associations. The numbers and percentages are meant to represent general trends. Looking at the data in new ways like this can help us understand health and gain new insights about how to take better care of ourselves and the healthcare system.”

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