Larry Ribstein R.I.P.

This is a sad day for the American Legal Academy. It has been reported (here) (here) (here) that Larry Ribstein has unexpectedly passed away.

While I have only known Larry for about a year, we probably exchanged ~100 emails and provided comments on our respective papers. He had been helping me with my “MIT School of Law” paper as well as some of my other projects. I had recently provided commentary on his Wisconsin Law Review article on the Future of General Counsels.  This is a very important paper.

Larry was one of the few people who really understood what was happening in our industry. While we did not agree on all subjects (particularly some of his views of corporate law and economic theory) his work on the future of legal education was straight up visionary. Taken together, I believe it will be seen as the template – the sketch of the future of our industry. Larry – I will miss you very much.

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