The UC Hastings “Strategic Plan” — Come On Folks This Is NOT EVEN Remotely Up to Par [ HT TOTM ]

As I commented over at TOTM, “UC-Hastings — come on folks — this is NOT EVEN remotely serious.” Legal education is at a serious crossroads (here)(here)(here)(here)(here)(here)(here)(many others). In light of the current state of affairs, if you are at UC-Hastings in any capacity — I hope you are asking yourself — is this really the best we can do?

Lets just check the scoreboard for a moment:  UC Hastings is an institution that is just a few miles from the technology center of the entire world (click for the fun map) (what an unbelievable factor endowment!). So, in light of this fact, the UC-Hastings “strategic plan” basically makes no mention of the new legal information industry and how the institution might “strategically position” its students for technology infused Lawyering of the 21st Century.

Lets hope they did not pay a mgmt consulting firm to do what this website would do for free (see this site “Management Buzz Word Generator.”)

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