Some Papers We Have Been Reading [March 2011 Edition]

Social Structure of Facebook Networks
(By Amanda L. Traud, Peter J. Mucha & Mason A. Porter)

Practicing Theory: Legal Education for the Twenty-First Century (By Larry Ribstein)

How Judges Decide: A Multidimensional Empirical Typology of Judicial Styles in the Federal Courts (By Corey Rayburn Yung)

Brain Scans as Evidence: Truths, Proofs, Lies, and Lessons (By Francis X. Shen & Owen D. Jones)

Small but Slow World: How Network Topology and Burstiness Slow Down Spreading (By M. Karsai, M. Kivela, R. K. Pan, K. Kaski, J. Kertesz,  A.L. Barabasi & J. Saramaki)

Abandoning Law Reports for Official Digital Case Law (By Peter W. Martin)

Scaling of Prosocial Behavior in Cities (By Samuel Arbesman & Nicholas A. Christakis)

Empiricism and the Rising Incidence of Coauthorship in Law (By Tom Ginsburg & Tom Miles)

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