Well Formed Eigenfactor.Org–Wonderful Visualization of CrossDisciplinary Fertilization, Information Flow & The Structure of Science [Repost]


Given our interest in both interdisciplinary scholarship and the spread of ideas, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite projects–eigenfactor.org. Here is basic documentation from their website.  There are also links to academic papers offering far more detailed documentation for the data and algorithm choice.  In particular, read Martin Rosvall and Carl T. Bergstrom, Maps of Random Walks on Complex NetworksProc. of the Nat. Academy of Sci. 105:1118-1123 (2007).  The above visualizations are written in Flare by Moritz Stefaner. Click on the slide above to reach these interactive visualizations. These mapping offer reveal the reach of various publications across disciplines–some are insular and others have incredible reach.  The inner rings are journals and the outer rings are the host disciplines. Enjoy!