Lawyers Beware: The Accountants Are Coming After Your Business (via The Economist)

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Fourth Annual ASU – Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Conference

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.52.34 PMIt was a pleasure to participate in the Fourth Annual ASU-Arkfeld E-Discovery and Digital Evidence Conference.  The conference featured a wide variety of speakers from the bench, law firms, in-house and the legal technology space.   The conference was sponsored by the Center for Law, Science & Innovation @ Arizona State Law.

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Obamacare’s Chances Of Survival Have Improved (But It Is Still Very Close)

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Even The Algorithms Think Obamacare’s Survival Is A Tossup (via

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Readers will probably observe that {Marshall+} is still a work in progress (for example – my colleague noted {Marshall+} believes that Justice Ginsburg would appear to be slightly more likely to vote to overturn the ACA than Justice Thomas).  While this probably will not prove to be correct in King v. Burwell, our method is rigorously backtested and designed to minimize errors across all predictions (not just in this specific case).  This optimization question is tricky for the model and it will be the source of future model improvements. I have preached the whole mantra Humans + Machines > Humans or Machines and this problem is a good example.  The problem with exclusive reliance upon human experts is they have cognitive biases, info processing issues, etc.  The problem with models is that they generate errors that humans would not.

Anyway, the good thing about having a base model such as {Marshall+} is that we can begin to incorporate a range of additional information in an effort to create a {Marshall++} and beyond.    And on that front there is more to come …

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Daniel Martin Katz to Join IIT Chicago-Kent Faculty to Support Chicago Kent’s Ongoing Initiative to Build the Preeminent
Law & Technology Program in the Country

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.48.18 PMI am excited to announce that I am leaving MSU to join the Chicago-Kent College of Law where I have accepted a lateral offer starting this summer.

It is has been a good run here at MSU Law and wish my MSU colleagues all the best.

The opportunity to be part of one of the long standing and premier law+tech programs is extremely exciting and I look forward to doing great things with my new colleagues at Chicago Kent.   As noted in the press release, I am excited to “assume a key leadership role in the law school’s ongoing initiative to build the preeminent law and technology program in the country!”

More to come starting this summer …

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The Spontaneous Emergence of Conventions: An Experimental Study of Cultural Evolution (via PNAS)

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A Quantitative Analysis of Trends in Writing Style on the U.S. Supreme Court ( via Carlson, Livermore & Rockmore )

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Technology Stole The Show At Sundance (via TechCrunch)

Technology Stole The Show At Sundance

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Measuring, Monitoring and Managing Legal Complexity
( J.B. Ruhl & Daniel Martin Katz )

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I’ve Seen the Future of the Enterprise, and it is Oculus (via Venture Beat)


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Legal Tech NYC 2015 – A Short Recap #LTNY #LTNY15

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.11.51 AMSome scenes from my LegalTech NYC 2015 experience in the pictures above (including getting stuck in an elevator).

As Oliver Goodenough has noted – #LegalTech NYC features between “$20 billion to $30 billion a year in commercial activity.”  Curated by Stanford CodeX (where I am now an external faculty affiliate) and Mike Bommarito is a fellow, this year’s legal tech offered ten early to mid stage legal tech startups who collectively cover a wide range of practice areas.

I presented on a panel sponsored by FTI Technology which featured Judge John Facciola (United States Magistrate Judge in the District of Columbia),  David Horrigan (451 Research) and Cliff Nichols (Day Pitney).

Check out a Cartoonist’s recap of our panel!  #LTNY  #LTNY15

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Why We Judge Algorithmic Mistakes More Harshly Than Human Mistakes (via NPR)

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Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 7.08.47 PMThis intro class is designed to train students to efficiently manage, collect, explore, analyze, and communicate in a legal profession that is increasingly being driven by data.

Our goal is to imbue our students with the capability to understand the process of extracting actionable knowledge from data, to distinguish themselves in legal proceedings involving data or analysis, and assist in firm and in-house management, including billing, case forecasting, process improvement, resource management, and financial operations.

This course assumes prior knowledge of statistics, such as might be obtained in Quantitative Methods for Lawyers or through advanced undergraduate curricula.  This class is not for everyone; for many, it will prove to be challenging.  With that warning, we encourage you to consider your interest and career aspirations against the unique experience and value of this class.  To our knowledge, this is the only existing class that teaches these quantitative skills to lawyers and law students. 

Still in beta – we will be adding much more to this site as we move forward!

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Using Virtual Reality to Create Software (+ perhaps all information products) : A Likely Future (via Anthony Elliott @ Medium)

Using Virtual Reality to Create Software

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Public Domain Rank: Identifying Notable Individuals with the Wisdom of the Crowd (via

Public Domain Rank

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Legal Analytics – Introduction to the Course – Professors Daniel Martin Katz + Michael J Bommarito

Here is an introductory slide deck from “Legal Analytics” which is a course that Mike Bommarito and I are teaching this semester. Relevant legal applications include predictive coding in e-discovery (i.e. classification), early case assessment and overall case prediction, pricing and staff forecasting, prediction of judicial behavior, etc.

As I have written in my recent article in Emory Law Journal – we are moving into an era of data driven law practice. This course is a direct response to demands from relevant industry stakeholders. For a large number of prediction tasks … humans + machines > humans or machines working alone.

We believe this is the first ever Machine Learning Course offered to law students and it our goal to help develop the first wave of human capital trained to thrive as this this new data driven era takes hold. Richard Susskind likes to highlight this famous quote from Wayne Gretzky … “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

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Freelancing and the Future of Work (via the Economist)

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