Our SCOTUS Crowdsourcing Paper Featured in Augur Development Update

Excited that our paper was highlighted on the Augur Weekly Development Update – It is about #SCOTUS as a use case but the formalization is in the general form – with implications for  #Crypto  #Oracles  #Crowdsourcing

Mike and I are pretty hot on Augur, Ethereum and their potential applications across a wide set of use cases – so we are happy to see this recognition of our work.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency + Law Course – ( Professor Nelson Rosario + Professor Daniel Martin Katz )

Next semester – I am looking forward to teaching Blockchain, Cryptocurrency + Law with CK alum 
Nelson Rosario – there is real demand for this class among our students – the class was full before registration was even complete — we have 50 students taking the class and had to turn away a number of students … #LegalTech #Blockchain #LegalInnovation #Hashtag